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Richmond Weekly Update


Dear Richmond Families,

Thanks to all the volunteers who set up the beautiful Holiday Shop and assisted students with shopping.  Also, thanks to the PTO for funding our Star Leader breakfast. YOU SHINE!!

Important Dates to Remember:

Dec. 17 Report Cards Go Home

Dec. 18 Food Ambassador Day

Dec. 20   Last Day for BOKS (Fall Session)

Dec. 23-31  Holiday Recess

World Language Update

Dear parents and guardians,

Kindergarten students are working on greeting each other at different times of the day; Buenos días - good morning, Buenas tardes - good afternoon and Buenas noches - Good evening or good night.  We continue to work on our polite words Gracias - thank you, De nada - you’re welcome. We have added more colors (blanco - white, negro - black and rosado - pink). We have also been reading The Gingerbread Man (La Galleta) in Spanish and students will bring home a book to read to you after our winter break. 

In First grade, students are working in pairs with the basic shapes, telling each other to draw a big circle or a small rectangle. We have begun to sing Cascabel, a familiar tune (Jingle Bells) with different lyrics! We will be playing a game to search for Santa’s hat next week. ¿Quién tiene el Gorro de Papá Noel? Who has Santa’s Hat?

In Second grade, students are learning how to say the clothing that they wear in each season.   Llevo botas en el invierno. (I wear boots in the winter.) We will look at some different ways that children celebrate the holidays in Spain and compare to our celebrations. Did you know that Santa and/or the Three Kings bring gifts on a camel instead of a reindeer? The week before our winter break, grade 2 students will be visiting classrooms around the school to sing some carols in Spanish. On the day that your child is singing, they may choose to wear attire to celebrate the holidays; 2L Monday, December 16, 2H, Tuesday, December 17, 2R, Thursday December 19, and 2W Friday, December 20. 

Grade 3 students continue to read informational text about animals. We have been playing 20 questions using descriptive vocabulary to guess the animal and practicing on a website all the new words. We will look at some interesting customs in Spain at the end of the year: El Día de los Inocentes - like April Fools Day in December, La Gorda - the biggest Lottery of the year, and Noche Vieja - New Year’s Eve eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes 12! 

Grade 4 students continue to read and role play our novel Capibara con Botas. They have read 3 chapters, written a summary and made a prediction about the end of the story. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns and we love it when you share how your children are using their language outside of the classroom. You may click on our name below to send us an email. Our World Language website also has resources that you may want to access. There are videos of some of the songs we sing in class posted on the new website.

Hasta luego,

Señora Gendreau   Señora Carpenter Señora Guiliano

Update from Nurse Plucinski

It is lice season.  When we are informed of a new infestation, I will send home a letter to inform families of students in the classroom.  Here are some additional resources:   

These links have good information for families:

Snow Fun!

Thanks to the Gavitt family and our PTO for the super fun snowball target.  A reminder that students will go outside if the weather permits for recess. To play in the snow, students need to wear boots and snow pants.  If you need snowpants, let us know. We have some left over from last year’s drive.

December Food Ambassador Day- December 18, 2020!!

Social Emotional Standards

The “SEL” standards are weaved into our instruction all day. Students who need explicit support with these standards are identified by the classroom teacher and may be referred for a non-academic RTI plan.  This plan identifies an intervention and the teacher/team monitors student progress using data:

Art Update

Check out our art updates on Ms. Guastini’s Dojo!


We have donations of a small bike and a larger bike.  Please reach out to me if you can use one for a child in need.

Sewing Help:

I have silk sashes that need to be sewn together at one end for our student council.  Please contact me if you can sew them for me. THANKS!

Have a nice weekend!


Sharon Martin, Principal

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