Library Policy

Lost/Damaged Books:   Lost and significantly damaged books must be paid for.  You can send in cash or write a check payable to Chariho Regional School District.  

Book Selection:  Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 check out one book per week.  Grade 3 check out 2 books every other week.  (The alternate week is called a Power Class)  Grade 4 check out 3 books/materials every other week.  They have Power Classes as well.
If children forget their books, they select one during class that gets saved on the "hold shelf" in the library.  Students are asked to bring in the forgotten book the next day to swap for the newly selected title.
Children self select "just right" books in all grades.  Students are asked why the book is just right for them.  It is my goal that children choose books that make them happy and life-long readers, not for reading instruction purposes.  

Policy page updated Jan 2014