Weekly Update 2020-07-09

Weekly Update 2020-07-09
Weekly Update 7.9.20

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer. Please remind your child to take the Summer Reading, Math and Fitness Challenges (posted on our website).

Here is an update on our district's work towards planning our return to school:

RIDE and RIDOH has been collaborating with a consulting group, superintendents, administrators and union leadership across the state to develop guidance to assist districts in planning our return to school.

Chariho established a steering committee led by our new Superintendent Gina Picard, Assistant Superintendent Jane Daly, administrators, union presidents, our Athletic Director and central office staff to coordinate the efforts of three subcommittees (governance, teaching and learning and health and wellness).  Each subcommittee has been charged with working out the plan for in-person, partial and distance learning scenarios.  The subcommittees consist of administrators, teachers, support staff and parents.  Many thanks to Paige Leddy, Dana Palmisciano and Robin Woodmansee for representing Richmond.

This week the custodians and I set up all the classrooms (carefully measuring desks to be a minimum of 4.5 feet apart with most desks 6 feet apart).  The classrooms will have student desks or tables and a teacher desk.  Carpets and other district purchased materials will be stored. 

 A draft of our school plan was shared with the RES School Improvement Team this week for feedback (meeting minutes will be posted on our website on Monday).  Some additional revisions were made before I submitted the plan to Superintendent Picard who will then submit the plan to RIDE, the consulting group and to our governance subcommittee for their feedback.

The plan is a draft and I am looking for your feedback. 

RES Return-to-School Plan

Please email me your comments or questions (sharon.martin@chariho.k12.ri.us).  Thank you!

Sharon Martin, Principal