How learning will look this year

What’s different? What’s the same?

During these unprecedented times, we are preparing for a new school year! Some things will be different to ensure our students and staff stay healthy, while other things such as our rigorous curriculum, high expectations for all and the commitment of exceptional teachers will remain the same.

Administrators and teachers have been working all summer to ensure our students will have access to high quality instruction while being in a safe learning environment. The district has been communicating with families and teachers via email, website and forum so everyone is informed about the details in our school-to-school plan. Below is summary of the Richmond School plan, the link to the recent forum, the link to the RES return to school plan and the District FAQ for families:

Richmond School Forum 8.6.20

Richmond School Return to School Plan (note revisions to mask wearing and updates on last page) aring

District Reopening FAQ

In-Person Learning (in school)
Parents/guardians must review the self-attestation criteria each day. Students who are sick should stay home. If students are able to participate in their learning from home, they will not be marked absent.
RIDE requires we report if a child is absent but not able to participate in distance learning or if a child is absent and able to participate in distance learning.
Students and teachers will wear a mask all day unless there is a medical exemption. In of a medical exemption, students and staff will maintain 6 feet of distance.
Students will sit one to a seat. Families will sit together. Students must wear a mask on the bus.
To allow for social distancing, students will be dismissed to various locations and at staggered times. See the arrival dismissal tab on our return to school plan.
Students will eat their lunch in their classroom. Allergy aware classrooms will require students to eat an allergy safe meal that is peanut-tree nut free. Snacks and lunches will be kept outside of the classroom and be inspected before entering the room. Note: Chartwells meals are peanut-tree nut free.


Students will have recess every day. Classroom pods will be separated in one of three locations that will change each day (field/courts, equipment and hardtop). Recess supplies will be cleaned in between use. Our school is a Recess Rocks school and they have offered us some great ways to keep students moving, having fun and safe! See the recess schedule on our return to school link.

Mask Breaks:

Similar to movement breaks, teachers will provide multiple mask breaks during the day. We have beautiful grounds and teachers will use them often for fresh air and this purpose.
Outdoor Classrooms:
Our PTO has generously donated multiple tents to enable classrooms to schedule time for outdoor instruction. In addition, we have access to the Children’s Garden and Courtyard spaces.

Classroom Cleaning:

Our classrooms, restrooms and other high-touch areas will be cleaned regularly using district approved disinfectant, electromagnetic sprayers. Resource teachers, related therapy providers and interventionists will clean their classrooms after servicing small groups of students. These students will be serviced either alone or with other students from the same pod.
Hand sanitizer and hand-washing will occur upon entry and exit of every room. Before lunch and after recess. Pods:
Students and teachers can be in more than one pod. Pod size cannot exceed 30 during the in-person phase of learning.


Kindergarten students will be assigned an iPad and students in grades 1-4 will be assigned a Chromebook. The device should go back and forth with the child each day.
Google Classroom:
All students will have access to Google Classroom.


Teachers have been given Zoom accounts. It allows them to easily do breakout rooms and other functions that Google Meet did not.

Distance Learning (option)

Your child has been assigned to a classroom. Students will be required to attend live zoom meetings with the teacher when assigned. Assignments and the daily classroom schedule and weekly specialist schedule will be posted on Google Classroom. If you child needs a device (enter link here).

Zoom Meetings:

Students will be required to attend assigned meetings multiple times throughout the day.


Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. They will mirror classroom instruction. Students will have access to synchronous and asynchronous learning. The Ready Common Core math book and the Zaner Bloser

handwriting book will be kept at home. Some supplies may need to be picked up from school on a regular basis related to science, specials and other assignments.


Students learning at home will meet with the teacher for formative and summative assessments. Student work may be entered into google classroom or uploaded from a photo to allow the teacher to assess and provide real-time feedback.

The district will offer “grab and go” lunches each day. A student ID number will need to be presented for verification.