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Our school shines because we guide, support, and nurture our students' social-emotional and physical well-being.

Richmond Weekly Update

2.21.20 RES Weekly Update

Dear Richmond Families,

Only 75 families have responded to SurveyWorks!  YOUR feedback is very important to us. Please take a few minutes to respond this week!  Thank you!


Code: 98105family

Choose Love!!  

For the month of February we will be using the Choose Love program to teach mindful breathing and the practices of courage, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.  You can try this at home:

February Early Release Day:

What were we up to…

  1. Teachers met in their Professional Learning Communities to review their students’ progress based on a grade level goal.

  2. Dr. Pat Meinhold Ph.D spoke to teachers about how to help challenging students behave and feel better at school using Dr. Ross Greene’s Collaborative Problem Solving approach.

RES Monthly Health and Wellness Focus


Download the attachment (see School Messenger) to encourage your child to drink water at home!

Important Dates to Remember

2/24/20 - RES School Improvement Team Meeting 3:45 pm (rescheduled)

2/25/20 - PTO Winter Tubing Event (rescheduled)

2/26/20-  Food Ambassador Day (see recipe below)

2/26/20 - PTO Winter Tubing Event (rescheduled)

2/28/20 - CARES Assembly

Food Affects Mood:

Chartwells is teaching children how the foods they eat affect their mood.  This month on the Food Ambassador Day, students will be encouraged to try pineapple.  Did you know pineapple has many mood enhancing benefits? It provides a quick energy boost soon after it's eaten as well as providing lots of fiber, which helps to slow down the digestion process leaving you happier and fuller for longer.

Reading Week!

March 2-6th

Join us in a celebration to share our love of reading!  Classrooms are hosting special guest readers- contact your child’s teacher.  


UPCOMING EVENT Presenters and Materials provided by our 



“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss 


March 2

Reading Week Kick Off!


Dr Seuss Birthday!

Wear black, white, and red.

Read Dr. Seuss books


March 3

Green Eggs and Ham Day


Wear green!

Green eggs and ham for hot lunch


March 4

Wacky Wednesday!


Everyone dress “WACKY” 

Dress up as wacky and crazy as you can! Backwards, inside out and mix n’ match!  


March 5

One Fish, Two Fish! Wear all red or all blue!


March 6

FUN SOCKS FRIDAY! Let’s celebrate Fox in Socks by wearing crazy socks! 

Marvelous Marvin Presentation 

Tuesday March 10 

Marty Kelley Author Presentation We will have copies of his books on hand at school, but check some out of the local library!



Dental Screenings

The district dentist will be visiting the school on March 10, 2020 to conduct dental screenings.  The dentist does a visual check with a tongue depressor and light. If your child regularly visits a dentist, please indicate below and return promptly. Students with no evidence of a recent dental visit will be screened. 

*See PDF form emailed to families 2.21.20

Have a nice weekend!


Sharon Martin, Principal

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